B.L.A.I.S.E., Best Little Accessory Image Search Engine, is Virtual Toy Chest's latest innovation. It is an intelligent agent that is capable of automatically recognizing your action figure accessories. Simply upload your pic in .jpg format and put B.L.A.I.S.E. to work. Right now the program is in its initial beta stage.

B.L.A.I.S.E. is not the smartest robot on the block and is easily distracted. For best results follow these instructions when taking the photograph.
  1. Get a few pieces of white printer paper.
  2. Lay the item down in the center of the paper.
  3. Zoom in so that only the item and the white background are visible.

The following is an example of an acceptable photograph.

Here are some things to avoid.
  1. Do not take a picture of several accessories, as B.L.A.I.S.E. will not know which one to identify.

  2. Try to avoid creating shadows.

  3. Do not stand the accessory in front of the paper.

  4. Do not take a picture of the accessory from an off-center angle.

Once you have taken the photograph click on the following link to go to the Picture Upload Page
B.L.A.I.S.E. will launch automatically once the picture is uploaded. You may be prompted to log in several times. This is normal.

If you want to obtain a userid please e-mail us at webmaster@virtualtoychest.com

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