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video command toy island action figure
Video Command action figures were made by Toy Island from 1991 through 1993. These figures stand 8" tall, breaking from the 80s tradition of 3 3/4" and 5" figures. This makes them on par with the original Power Rangers figures. They feature lighted LCD faces, and electronic talking action. The first figures were released in boxes. They then went through a series of blister packs.

  • Hawkeye: Central Command Recon
  • Eagle-1: Rescue Command Leader
  • Apache: Battle Command Leader
  • Striker: Strike Command Intelligence
  • Stinger: Enemy Sniper Command
  • Lizard: Enemy Command General
  • Mr. Monitor: The Urban Commando
  • Videoman: The Man with Video Power
  • Simulor: CSI-3 Cyborg Systems Infilrator
  • Action Captain: He's on the Spot and Stays on Top
  • Cybomorph: EX-01 The Exterminator
  • Turbopro: MP-XL Robopatrol Command
  • Max

Videoman MOC

Videoman back of card

Videoman file card

Turbopro MOC

Turbopro file card

Lizard MOC

Lizard file card

Eagle-1 MOC

Eagle-1 file card

Stinger loose

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