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1984: 1 Archive

These toys were made by Kenner in 1984.

Admiral Ackbar Small Picture

Admiral Ackbar Large Picture

Admiral Ackbar's Staff

General Madine Small Picture

General Madine Large Picture

General Madine's Staff

Bib Fortuna Small Picture

Bib Fortuna Large Picture

Bib Fortuna's Staff

Weequay Small Picture

Weequay Large Picture


Squid Head Small Picture

Squid Head Large Picture


Gammorrean Guard Small Picture

Gammorrean Guard Large Picture

Axe (Meat Cleaver)

Rebel Commando Small Picture

Rebel Commando Large Picture


Biker Scout Small Picture

Biker Scout Large Picture

Blaster Pistol

Logray Small Picture

Logray Large Picture

Helmet with beak, Satchel, and Large Staff

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