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1984: 2 Archive

These toys were made by Kenner in 1984.

Leia in Pancho Small Picture

Leia in Pancho Large Picture

Helmet, Pancho, Belt, and Pistol

Han Solo in Trench Coat Small Picture

Han Solo in Trench Coat Large Picture


Blaster Pistol

Klaatu: Skiff Outfit Small Picture

Klaatu: Skiff Outfit Large Picture


Nikto Small Picture

Nikto Large Picture


Prune Face

Rifle with Strap

Rancor Keeper Small Picture

Rancor Keeper Large Picture

Hood, Prod (it looks like a Tuskin Raider's Gaferdi Stick with two prongs on the end)


Sy Snootles Small Picture

Sy Snootles Large Picture

Tall Microphone

Max Rebo


Droopy McCool

'Oboe' and Bent Microphone

Lumat (All grey with bent right arm)

Bow and Quiver

Teebo Small Picture

Teebo Large Picture

Axe, Horn with bandolier, and Helmet

Wicket W Warrick Small Picture

Wicket W Warrick Large Picture

Small Hood and Spear

Paploo (All red)

Hood and Spear

AT-ST Driver Small Picture

AT-ST Driver Large Picture

Blaster Pistol

B-Wing Pilot

Emperor Palpatine Small Picture

Emperor Palpatine Large Picture

Emperor Palpatine's Cane

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