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There were several classic toys based on Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. In 1965 Remco produced an 18" Seaview submarine playset. It had shooting torpedoes, wheels so that it could roll on land, and also had a rubber band powered propellor so that it could run underwater. It came with a minisub, sea crawler, two figures, treasure chest, and one of several sea monsters like and octopus, or whale. It had window box packaging with an underwater diorama. Remco also produced the 4 Way Sub Gun which could be assembled into a sub gun, bazooka, tommy gun, or torpedo gun.

Aurora made a Seaview model in 1966. Two years later they released a model of the Flying Sub. Both of these were reissued in the 1975.

Various other items were produced including viewmaster reels, jigsaw puzzles, trading cards, and a lunch box.

Most recently Product Enterprise released a 10" Die Cast Seaview at the end of 2006.

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