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With the success of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Saban released V.R. Troopers in 1994. It was based on several of Toei's Metal Heroes series including Space Sheriff Shaider, Dimensional Warrior Spielban, & Super Machine Metalder. Kenner produced toys for the show in 1995. The show never reached the popularity of the Power Rangers, and a second series of toys was cancelled.

  • Ryan Steele
  • Deluxe Mega-Tech Ryan Steele
  • Battle Grid Ryan Steele
  • J.B. Reese
  • Deluxe Laser Eyes J.B. Reese
  • Battle Grid J.B. Reese
  • Kaitlin Star
  • Hyper-Tech Kaitlin Star
  • Battle Grid Kaitlin Star
  • VR Fighter Bike
  • VR Turbo Cycle
  • VR Pursuit Jet
  • VR Battle Cruiser
  • Dark Heart
  • Deluxe The Decimator
  • Air Striker
  • Tank-O-Tron
  • Skugg
  • VR Skyborg Jet
  • Ultimate Ryan Steele

  • Grimlord
  • Jeb the Dog

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