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Virtual Toy Chest's
Empire Strikes Back
1981 Archive

These toys were made by Kenner in 1981.

Yoda with Orange Snake Small Picture

Yoda with Orange Snake Large Picture

Yoda with Brown Snake

Gimmer Stick

Leia: Hoth Outfit Small Picture

Leia: Hoth Outfit Large Picture

Leia's Blaster

Han Solo: Bespin Small Picture

Han Solo: Bespin Large Picture

Bespin Blaster

Rebel Commander Small Picture

Rebel Commander Large Picture

Short Blaster Rifle with Strap

2-1B Small Picture

2-1B Large Picture

Silver Staff

Imperial Commander Small Picture

Imperial Commander Large Picture

Blaster Rifle

AT-AT Driver Small Picture

AT-AT Driver Large Picture


Lobot Small Picture

Lobot Large Picture

Bespin Blaster


Blue Smock and White Case

Dengar Small Picture

Dengar Large Picture

Dengar's Rifle

Star Wars First 12

Star Wars 1979

Empire Strikes Back 1980

Empire Strikes Back 1981

Empire Strikes Back 1982

Return of the Jedi 1983

Return of the Jedi 1984: 1

Return of the Jedi 1984: 2

Power of the Force

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