Virtual Toy Chest's
Visual Guide to Late 80's Action Figures

Air Raiders Army Ants Barnyard Commandos Kenner Batman Toy Biz Batman
Battle Beasts Battle Brawlers Bionic Six Bone Age Bravestarr
Captain Power Centurions Chuck Norris and the Karate Kommandos Schwarzenegger Commando Cops 'n Crooks
D.C. Comics Super Heroes Defenders of the Earth Definitely Dinosaurs! Dino-Riders Dinosaucers
Electronic Survivor Shot Entertech Squirt Guns Filmation's Ghost Busters Food Fighters G.I. Joe 3 3/4
The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers Galaxy Warriors The Glooper Game Gotcha! Guardians
Gundam Immortals of Change Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Infaceables Inhumanoids
Karate Kid Lazer Tag Legions of Power M.A.S.K. Mad Balls
Mash'ems Maxx Fx MegaForce Ninja Assassins
Ninja Warriors Over The Top Parasites Photon Photon Game
Pocket Power Police Academy Rambo The Real Ghost Busters Ring Raiders
RoboCop and the Ultra Police Shadow Strikers Sheriff Solar Silverhawks Sky Commanders
Space Western Hero Spinjas Spiral Zone Starcom SUMO Giants
Super Naturals Tacky Stretchoid Warriors Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Thundercats Tigersharks
Visionaries Voltron Wizzers Yo-Go ViewMaster
Playskool StarWars Mini Bogglins Construx Beetle Juice Pee Wee's (Herman's) Playhouse
Verbot Tomy (Omnibot) Madballs figure Willow

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