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The cartoon series known as Voltron tells the story of five pilots who are battling to save the planet Arus, and the rest of the universe, from the diabolical King Zarkon. The only thing that stands in Zarkon’s way is Voltron, a mighty robot that is composed of five spaceships that look like lions.

Voltron was originally released in Japan under the name GoLion. In 1984 World Events Productions bought the rights to the series from Toei, the Japanese company that created the series. World Events Productions went on to make new season of Voltron episodes that were never released in Japan. They still own the rights to Voltron and re-released a new version of the series in 1997.

In the early 80s a Japanese toy company made a number of die-cast metal Voltron toys. Some of these toys were distributed in America by Matchbox. Not long after this, the rights to make Voltron toys were sold to a toy company called Panosh Place that made a whole new line of Voltron toys. These included a new Voltron, a line of action figures, vehicles, and a castle. Voltron disappeared from the cartoon and toy scene for about a decade. In 1997 it was resurrected, and a whole new line of Voltron toys were released by a company called Trendmasters. In 2000 a version of Voltron I was re-released by a generic toy company. The figure was called 15 in 1 robot.

Volton I

Voltron II

Voltron III

Voltron III by Panosh Place

Voltron Castle of Lions

Skull Tank

Coffin of Doom

King Zarkon

Hagar the Witch

Skull Scavenger

Doom Commander

Robeast Scorpious

Robeast Mutilor

Voltron III Trendmasters

Voltron Pilots Trendmasters

Villains Trendmasters

Remote control Voltron Trendmasters

Stealth Voltron

Stealth Cycles


Dracotron prototype

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