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The Beasts of Chaos are a fairly straightforward army to field, but one that is difficult field effectively. They usually rush the enemy, and use their skill at navigating terrain to access a flank.


How to use Doombulls and Wargors
These are the leaders of your army. The Doombull is infinitely better than the Wargor, as he has superior leadership which can help keep your troops from routing. Put them in one of your blocks of troops and rush into battle.

How to use Bray Shaman
Bray Shaman are the Beasts of Chaos' wizards, and their only source of ranged attacks. However, as spells are determined randomly, they cannot be relied upon to provide ranged support. The good news is that their other spells complement the army nicely, helping rally fleeing units, move troops, and power up characters. You can put the shaman in a unit to sheild him from attack, or put him on a flank to lure enemy firepower away from your main lines.

How to use Shaggoth
He is truly a formidable character. However, he also has a very high price. I would not advise taking Shaggoth in games that are less than 3,000 points. Using him is as simple as getting him into combat. Try putting him on a flank.

How to use Ungor and Gor
Ungor and Gor are your basic troops. They are rather unusual because they can join forces and fight in a single unit. Together they form a potent force, as the cheap Ungor allow you to build a large unit, while the strong Gor are a potent fighting force. Further, even though the Gor form the front ranks, the Ungor are the first troops to be removed as casualties. In addition to these abilities, Ungor and Gor skirmish, making them harder to hit with missile fire, and allowing them to cross difficult terrain. Bring them in large blocks of 20 or more. You can use them to hold up your opponent's more powerful units.

How to use Beastigor
Beastigor are your elite combat troops. They fall inbetween the Gor and the heavy hitters like Dragon Ogres. I have not found them to be particularly useful. Although they have a higher weapon skill and strength than Gors, they lack the hitting power to fully negate armor. Thus, they would be most useful against average troops. However, such troops are usually taken in large numbers and tend to overwhelm Beastigor. Thus, you are usually better off with Gors and Ungors.

How to use Warhounds of Chaos
These are used on the flanks to delay key enemy units. Although they are quite vicious, they will have a difficult time defeating a block of enemy troops. Thus, do not be tempted to take large units, as their function is not to rout the opponent. They are most effective in small numbers, holding up units, and threatening smaller regiments.

How to use a Tuskgor Chariot
Hold the chariots back until your other units are in combat. Then charge in with their impact hits. If you lead with them, they may get charged by fast moving units, and have a tendency to run too far in front of the rest of your force to be supported.

How to use Minotaur
Along with Dragon Ogres, and Chaos Trolls, Minotaurs are the heavy hitters. Minotaurs have superior initiative which is useful in prolonged combat.

How to use Chaos Trolls
Chaos Trolls have more attacks than your other heavy hitters. They have terrible leadership.

How to use Dragon Ogres
The Dragon Ogres are your elite heavy hitters. They have higher movement, which is crucial in pursuing fleeing units. They also have more wounds.

Setting up terrain is the single biggest key to victory in using a Beasts of Chaos army. Terrain usually blocks line of sight, thus preventing charges and ranged attacks. Given that you do not have any ranged attacks, this gives you an advantage. More importantly, your troops can manuver through most terrain unimpeded, allowing you to outmanuver your opponent. Thus I would advise you to take as much terrain as possible. Continue placing terrain until your opponent passes. Of all types of terrain, forests are the most useful because enemy troops cannot march into them, and you can hide inside of them. You want to place terrain on the right and left hand sides of the center of the board. I generally try to put pieces 12 inches from the center of the board at the middle of the battlefield. I then try to place pieces about 4 to 8 inches away from another piece. This causes maximum disruption to the enemy formation.

The Bretonnians are one of the Beasts of Chaos age old enemies. The key to defeating Bretonnians is having more units than your opponent. Thus bring plenty of Gors and Ungors. You will be charged by at least some of their knights, and in most cases they will defeat and overrun your unit. When this happens you need to counter charge with another of your units. Gors are particularly well suited for this task, as they can charge in any direction. Also, make use of the woods. If your opponent can't see you, he can't charge you either.

The Wood Elves are another of the Beasts of Chaos main rivals. Defeating a Wood Elf army can be very difficult, as they have good ranged attacks, coupled with hard hitting forest creatures. Your one advantage is that their troops are expensive. Take lots of Ungor and Gor and try to swarm them. Use an ambush, so that he does not have a tactical advantage.

The High Elves have deadly shooting and strike first. Their strategy is to weaken your units with ranged attacks, so that they will fall to their foot troops. Take big blocks of Ungor and Gor, and concentrate your attack.

The Dark Elves have a combination of deadly shooting and mounted units. Use the same strategy as you used against the Bretonnians.

The Skaven will outnumber you, and they have ranged attacks. You can try to make their numbers work against them by concentrating your attack on one flank. Also try to avoid combat with their cheap troops as they will wear you down.

The key to defeating Orcs and Goblins is to make a unit flee, preferably into other units. Concentrate your attack on a flank.

The Dwarves can fill you with lead long before you reach hand to hand combat. Stay away from organ guns, they are particularly deadly. The best strategy is to hide and then use an ambush. Otherwise use Ungors to screen your heavy hitters like Minotaurs.

The Empire can field a wide variety of forces from gunlines to cavalry. Against gunlines use an ambush just like against dwarves. Fight mounted troops just like you would a Breatonnian army.

Like the Beasts of Chaos, the Vampire Counts do not have ranged attacks. However, they have lots of cheap troops and powerful magic. If you can neutralize some of their magic, then you should be able to outmanuver them. Pick a flank and try to totally destroy one unit at a time. You heavy hitters are useful because they cause fear.

To beat the Hoards of Chaos you need to hold up their elite troops with your Ungor, while your heavy hitters and chariots do their damage.

Most armies try to defeat the Ogre Kingdoms with rank and file troops. Unfortunately, your cheap troops do not get good rank bonuses. You can fight fire with fire by taking Minotaurs and other heavy hitters. You can also run through terrain to gain a flank.

Tomb Kings cause fear and have ranged attacks. Worse yet, skirmishing and light cover will not shield you from their arrows. Take a good number of Ungors and Gors so you are not outnumbered. Also take some heavy hitters as they cause fear. If you like to take risks, try taking a chariot. If it can overcome the fear of the skeletons, it can really do some damage.

The Lizardmen can hit you at range with magic and darts, and then kill you off with Kroxigors or Saurus Cavalry. Close with the enemy as soon as possible. Charge the Skinks and Salamanders first, as they will likely flee. Then focus your attack on their heavy hitters. You should outnumber them.

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