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The Bretonnians are one of the strongest armies in the game.


Bretonnian Lord

Prophetess of the Lady

King Louen Leoncoeur
The King is one of the more expensive characters in the game. I do not see him fitting into an army of less than 3000 points. His main role seems to be flying in and challenging enemy characters. Despite his ability to reroll dice in challenges, I am not convinced of his ability to kill characters. He is not strong enough to totally negate armor saves, and he has not items that effect ward saves or regeneration. He on the other hand is not that hard to wound. His biggest assest is his ability to regenerate, but that will not save you from a whole bunch of attacks.

The Fay Enchantress

The Green Knight
A great character and wonderful model.

Bretonnian armies must include a Paladin battle standard bearer. This is good, as it provides extra combat resolution to help knights win combat. Further, Bretonians are given an extra hero slot to compensate for this.


Bretonnian characters are almost always given a mount and put in a unit of knights. Paladins add an extra punch so that you can rout the enemy in a single round of combat. Damsels can be useful as they provide the unit with magic resistance. When not assisting knights, Paladins on foot can be useful to help large blocks of bowmen or men at arms. Not only do they add much needed slaying power, but they have higher leadership which is useful when trying to rally after losing combat.

How to use all types of Knights
Make sure you hit your opponent with enough force to break the unit, as knights tend to lose prolonged combats.

Knights are usually fielded so that the total number of models including characters is 9. Thus, a person might take a unit of 8 knights of the realm and one Paladin. The exception to this are Grail Knights, which are usually fielded in units of 5 or 6. Units of Knights benefit from having a musician and standard bearer.

How to use Peasant Bowmen
Peasant Bowmen are usually taken in units of 15 to 20 with full command. I do not bother giving them armor. I generally like to place them at the center of my army, because my opponent's fast moving troops are more likely to be placed on the flanks. If your opponent does not have ranged attacks, you can hold off your charge and hit them with hails of arrows. One unit should take advantage of skirmishing.

How to use Men At Arms
Men at Arms can be sent into combat against troops that your knights wish to avoid. They are reasonably inexpensive and can tie up more expensive troops for a few turns. I generally field them in units of 25 to 30 with full command. I usually deploy them near the bowmen.

How to use Pegasus Knights
Pegasus knights are usually used to destroy war machines and poke holes in your opponent's formations. They are most commonly fielded in units of 3 or 4. Most armies include one squad of them.

How to use Mounted Yeomen
Mounted Yeomen are best used on the flanks in units of 5 or 6. Their job is to harass the enemy with missile fire, threaten a flank charge, and bait enemy troops. They are fairly inexpensive, so your opponent will have to decide if he wants to bother sending a unit to attack them. If they are charged then they will almost certainly flee. This is not bad, as they served their purpose of baiting the other troops. You should take the musician, but do not bother with the standard bearer as they will likely flee and lose the banner.

How to use Grail Reliquae
Being stubborn, the Grail Reliquae are used to hold a position, like a flank or hill. An additional 8 battle pilgrims are usually taken.

How to use Questing Knights

How to use a Field Trebuchet
The Field Trebuchet can be used to great effect against armies that use large numbers of troops like the Vampire Counts, and Skaven. They are usually deployed on hills or next to blocks of Bowmen or Men at Arms.

How to Use Grail Knights

There are several ways to handle artillery. One way is to simply ignore it and charge into combat. Once you reach combat the war machines cannot target you. Another way is to send the unit of pegasus knights to destroy the threat. This is somewhat problematic, as most armies that use artillery field several war machines. Also the pegasi will not reach the war machines until the second turn. By that point, most of your knights should be able to charge as well.

The Skaven have two things in abundance: guns and rats. This makes things real difficult for the Brets. The field trebuchet is worth its weight in gold, as even if you miss your target you may still hit another unit. Skirmishing bowmen can be used to good effect, as they are harder to hit. Men At Arms are also good to have around, but you will still be outnumbered two to one. The Banner of the Lady is very useful to help destroy key units. The Virtue of Discipline is also helpful.

The Empire are another nightmare for the Bretonnians. Firstly, they have plenty of cannons. When facing an overwhelming force of war machines the best policy is to charge so your knights cannot be targeted. The Green Knight is immune to their artillery and is thus a good choice. A somewhat less viable option is to use the Fay Enchantress and hope you get the rain lord or master of stone spells. Their gun powder weapons are also a big threat. In particular the Pistoliers, and Outriders can be quite deadly. In this regard mounted Yeoman can be charged in first, to avoid your knights getting shot up with stand and shoot. The Banner of Chalons is also useful. Bowmen can cut down smaller units of gunmen very effectively. Lastly they have Flagellents who do not break. These are best handled by Bowmen and Men at Arms.

The Dwarves are also tough opponents for the Bretonnians. Cannons spell doom for your knights, and the dwarves may be able to withstand a charge. Thunderers are also quite deadly. Much of what has been said about the Empire also applies. However, Bowmen will be ineffective against the Dwarves because of their high toughness and thus should not be chosen. Thus load up on knights and charge the weakest unit.

High Elves are very worthy adversaries. Bolt throwers and magic will wreak havoc on your knights, and the elves strike first and have spears. The bolt throwers will be few enough in number that they can be attacked by pegasus knights. There is no good way around their striking first. You can charge them none the less, or you can fight them at their own game by taking bowmen. As their troops are more expensive than yours you may be able to win a war of attrition. The Virtue of Noble Distain and the Banner of Chalons can be useful against archers.

The Dark Elves also have bolt throwers, but fortunately they do not strike first. Their repeating crossbows will mow down your archers or men at arms, so it is best to just stick with knights.

The real thing to fear with Orcs and Gobilns are their artillery. Use Mounted Yeomen to draw out goblin fanatics. Then charge in with knights and watch them run.

The Wood Elves pose a unique threat. Although they do not have war machines their shooting can be quite deadly. Further, they can be difficult to charge, as they hide in the forest. Pegasus knights are not that useful, as they cannot charge into the woods. The Green Knight comes in handy, as do loads of knights.

Vampire Counts can be a real problem. They simply never break, and every turn there are more and more of them. Charge in and tool up your characters to kill some vampires. If you can kill some of their characters then you are more than half way to victory. Fortunately, the Vampire Counts do not have good ranged attacks, so you can sit back with your bowmen and fire away. Field Trebuchets can also work well. Use Men At Arms to delay their key units like Grave Guard.

Ogre Kingdoms have some of the biggest troops in the game, and they also have some of the smallest. This can be a bit of a problem. Units of Men At Arms can be used to delay ogres, or fight gnoblars. The rest of the ogres need to be charged by the knights. Iron Belchers are a priority target.

Tomb Kings usually rely on shooting to win the game. They typically have at least one big blocks of archers, a screaming skull catapult, and the casket of souls. The catapult and casket are best attacked with pegasus knights. The archers will fall to massed units of men at arms supported by flanking knights. You should be able to outnumber your opponent as your models cost fewer points. Focus on eliminating units one at a time, because unlike Vampire Counts, once a unit is gone a new one cannot be created in its place.

The Lizardmen can rain down magic spells, hails of poisoned darts, and also have solid troops. A field trebuchet can criple a unit of saurus. The Fay Enchantress is also quite deadly to Saurus because they have low initiative. A focused attack with dual lances should destroy even the largest blocks of troops.

The Warriors of Chaos have solid knights, and rock hard troops. Fortunately, they are not a ranged threat. Further, your opponent will probably not have more units than you do. A field trebuchet can really hurt large units of warriors. The cheap Men At Arms and mobile knights should deliver victory.

The Beasts of Chaos do not have artillery for you to worry about. Go right on in and charge. Focus on breaking units of troops one at a time. Take plenty of Mounted Yeomen to prevent your knights getting charged by chariots.

Bretonnian Archers
Warhammer Bretonian Archers
Bretonnian Axemen
Warhammer Bretonian Bretonian Axemen
Bretonnian Spearmen
Warhammer Bretonian Bretonian Spearmen
Bretonnian Swordsmen
Warhammer Bretonian Bretonian Swordsmen

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