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The Warriors of Chaos are one of the most difficult armies in the game to field.


How to use a Lord of Chaos
Chaos Lords are deadly opponents. The difficulty is getting them into combat with the right enemy. They are best put on a dragon, horseback, or in a chariot, so they can close with the enemy quickly. I find it best when they attack a flank.

How to use a Chaos Sorcerer
Like the Chaos Lords, Chaos Sorcerers are deadly opponents. Put them on a mount and light up the enemy with magic.

How to use Chaos Knights
Take a unit of six and attack your opponent's flank. They are some of the best knights in the game.

How to use Chaos Warriors
Warriors of Chaos are your elite troops. The trick is getting them into combat with the right enemy units. I find that they are most effective when you take a good sized unit (15) and run it up the center of the board. This way they will hold the center while your other troops attack the flank.

How to use Marauders
These form the core of your army. They are most effective when taken in large numbers (20+).

How to use Marauder Horsemen
Marauder Horsemen assist the hard hitting Knights in making the flank attack. They should be taken in units of 5 to 10. Put them ahead of the knights, to prevent the knights from being charged.

How to use Warhounds of Chaos
Chaos Hounds are used in small units to help keep your other units from being flanked or charged. They can also be invaluable in running down fleeing troops.

How to use Chariots
Scythed Chariots are used to help punch through an enemy force. They can be used in a fashion similar to Chaos Knights, or simply driven streight at the center of the enemy line.

To win with a Chaos army you need to make a concentrated attack and destroy a portion of the enemy force. If you fail to do this your elite troops will be outnumbered and overrun. Such an attack is most easily made on a flank, as there simply are not as many enemy troops there to swarm you. Of course if your opponent knows that you will attack a particular flank then he will stack it with tons of troops. To prevent this, you need to create an army list with good number of cheap units. Place these units first, across the board, so your opponent does not know where you will attack. Once many of his units are on the board, then place your heavy hitters on a flank, or even the center if it is particularly weak.

Artillery is one of the big challenges for a Chaos army list. If you ignore it, your knights and powerful characters may go up in smoke. If you are forced to attack the guns, you will play into your opponents plan and may get caught up fighting a ton of troops. Regardless of which choice you make, do not fail to make a concentrated attack.

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