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The Chaos Daemons are one of the best armies in the game.



Keeper of Secrets

Lord of Change

Great Unclean One



The Masque



Daemonettes of Slannesh
These are my favorite core unit. They have multiple attacks and are very fast. I like to take units of 18 that are 6 wide. The wide frontage lets you take advantage of their attacks and their number allows you to make use of fear. If they are joined by a Herald of Slannesh then the whole unit gains always strike first!

Horrors of Tzeentch
Although these are not very good in combat, they are an outstanding unit because they can cast spells. The larger the unit the more powerful spells it can cast. Thus, most armies that decide to use them take many large units of them trying to overwhelm the enemy with tons of magic. If they are joined by a Herald of Tzeentch the whole unit gains a better ward save.

Bloodletters of Khorne
These are solid close combat troops. However, they are just not as good as Daemonettes. They are best used against higher toughness troops or ones with a better armor save. Their Killing Blow can cut through even the toughest armor. If they are joined by a Herald of Khorne then they gain Hatred of their enemy.

PlagueBearers of Nurgle
These guys try to win combat by staying alive. With a moderately high toughness, ward save, and regeneration they are somewhat durable. With several ranks and a banner they may be able to pull out a victory and make their opponents flee because they cause fear. They also have poisoned attacks which help wound tough targets like Giants.

Chaos Furies
With their ability to fly these are used to attack war machines and hold up key enemy units. I usually take them in units of 6 or 7.

Flesh Hounds of Khorne
Fast and deadly. One of the harder hitting special choices. With their magic resistance and multiple wounds they are very durable.

Seekers of Slannesh
Just as with the core troops, Slannesh is able to edge out Khorne. These are super fast and even deadlier than Flesh Hounds. Their down side is that they are not very durable. This is not much of a problem if the opposing troops are dead.

These are the daemonic scouts. They are fairly mobile thanks to the fact that they skirmish. Being an elite force it is important to be able to hold up enemy units and Nurglings work well in this role.

Like Furies, these can be used to hunt war machines. They can also be used as a nuisance unit, very much like light cavalry. Their ability to fly over units and cause hits is amazing.

Flamers of Tzeentch
These are amazing units. They have tons of shooting attacks. Since they skirmish they have a good chance of getting behind the enemy and causing havoc. Deploy them on a flank and use terrain to get behind enemy lines.

Fiends of Slanesh
Like the other Slannesh units, Fiends hit like a ton of bricks. Thanks to their Soporific Musk they also excel at running down units. Along with Flamers, one of the best rare choices.

Tough and hard hitting. However, they do not have quite as good an attack to point ratio as the Fiends of Slannesh.

Beast of Nurgle
Like all Nurgle units, Beasts are tough and have regenerate. However, with their random number of attacks they are not that reliable. They also cost a ton of points.

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