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The Dwarves are good at shooting things, and very tough.


Dwarf Lord
The preferred choice of Dwarf generals around the world.

Rune Lord
If you plan on using the Anvil of Doom, then this is the character for you. Otherwise, I would consider one of the other lords.

Very killy, but not as versatile or sturdy as a Dwarf Lord.

He is the best choice for an army battle standard bearer. He also makes a good general for smaller games.

More deadly than the Thane, but not as sturdy.

The essential anti-magic hero. Almost every army takes one.

Master Engineer
This guy makes your war machines even more deadly. He can also single-handedly fight off most things that attack them.

Dwarf Warriors are solid troops. They are tough, have a good armor save, and have high leadership. They try to win a war of attrition, and rely on their leadership if they lose combat. However, they are not killing machines like Chaos Warriors. Even with great weapons, they just do not have the number of attacks. Thus, it is important to take them in large numbers to benefit from rank bonuses. The greatest threat are large enemy units that cause fear.

Somewhat better than Warriors, but not as good as the special choices. Their main advantage is they they are core. So if you want something that hits harder than Warriors and stays stronger, and don't have an extra special slot, then take LongBeards.

Quarrelers / Crossbowmen
These are the best missile troops in the Dwarven Army. Their advantage over Thunderers is that they have a longer range. This can let you take the first turn and then still be able to shoot your opponent. Their disadvantage is that they do not have the armor penetrating power of Thunderers. However, they have a lower points costs that offsets this disadvantage. I usually take units of 12.

Upgrading a unit of warriors to Rangers is very useful. By scouting ahead they can help prevent enemy units from marching, thus giving you more time to shoot them.

You are better off taking Quarrelers.

These are one of the best dwarf units. They have great weapons, so they have some offensive power. However, they can also elect to fight with hand weapon and shield for the increased armor save. Moreover, they are stubborn, so it does not matter if they lose combat. They can also be given immunity to fear and terror. In all a very versatile unit.

Iron Breakers
They have the best armor save of any foot soldiers in the game. They will win combat against all but the hardest hitting opponents. Just watch out for things like giants that yell and bawl.

Great when used against enemy artillery. Otherwise there are better combat units.

Troll Slayers
They hit hard and never break from combat. Sadly they have little armor, and do not take bowfire or hits very well. Thus, they are best used in large units.

If you really want something dead, shoot it with a cannon. Its ability to pick out characters and cause multiple wounds is very useful.

Bolt Throwers
One advantage of Bolt Throwers over other artillery is that you can take two for a single special slot. Their one downside is that they cannot pick out characters like cannons can. They also need line of sight to their target.

Grudge Throwers
These are best used against horde armies like Skaven, especially in large games. Even if you miss your mark you will likely hit something.

Organ Guns
With its ability to deal tons of armor piercing shots, the Organ Gun is one of the most feared pieces of artillery in the game. Speding your rare slot on this puppy allows you to take fewer other pieces of artillery, and thus spend your special slots on things like Hammerers. Due to its somewhat limited range in comparison to a cannon or bolt thrower, many players deploy the Organ Gun at the front line between two units of foot troops.

Flame Cannons
Against certain armies like Skaven, the Flame Cannon can be quite good. However, the other rare choices always seem to be more versatile.

These are great to help march block the enemy. As they are one of the only units that can fill this role, they find their way into most dwarf lists. They can also help take care of skirmishers that can be so pesky.

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