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The Empire is a jack of all trades. It can focus on artillery, knights, or even stubborn foot troops.


Empire Lords and Heroes are not particularly powerful. Van Horsman's Speculum turns this weakness into an advantage, as it switches your opponents stats with your own. Bright Wizards are a good choice in most Empire armies, as they have so much destructive ranged magic. Just remember to take more than one, three or four being the ideal number.

The Empire has three types of basic hand to hand foot troops:
The Halberdiers have the highest weapon strength. The Spearmen can muster the greatest number of attacks. The Swordsmen have the best weapon skill. In general prefer to use the Spearmen, although I also field a unit of Halberdiers.

The Empire also has three types of ranged combat troops:
Handgunners are good at wounding opponents with high toughness like Dwarves. Archers have the best range of these troops, and are also the cheapest. Crossbowmen form the middle ground between the two. They have better range than the Handgunners and stronger attacks than the Archers. For general purposes I take archers because of they are the cheapest.

Free Company
They are cheap.

Knights of the Inner Circle
This is the Empire's hardest hitting unit. They are commonly taken in units of 6 to 8. To make them even stronger, put a few characters in the unit.

How to use Great Swords
The Great Swords are used to kill armored or high toughness troops. They can be used to countercharge knights. A unit of 10 is more than large enough.

How to use Pistoliers
Pistoliers are usually used in units of 5 or 6. They pose a real threat to units on the flank. Every army should try to include a unit of these troops.

How to use Outriders
You can think of Outriders as a mobile unit of archers. They have a better range than the Pistoliers, but do not have their firepower. Most people prefer a unit of archers, as they are cheaper and have more troops.

How to use a Great Cannon
Upgrade the unit with Super Pigeons. Place the cannon on a hill. Wreak Havoc.

There are always so many things to shoot with a cannon. Priority targets are units of Knights, and expensive flyers. Secondary targets are large blocks of fast moving troops.

How to use a Mortar
Target big blocks of enemy troops, or areas of the battlefield where there are lots of enemy units. I generally prefer the cannon to the mortar.

How to use Flagellants
Take big units and tie up the enemy. They can hold a flank, or prevent your artillery from being overrun. Overall a very useful unit.

How to use Hellblaster Volley Gun
The Volley Gun is most effective piece of artillery in the game. It is usually placed on your front line, as its range is not as large as that of a cannon. Otherwise it is used very much like a cannon.

How to use the Steam Tank
The Steam Tank tends to get shot by Cannons or smashed by things like Grail Knights. However, you may have some luck if you take two of them.

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