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The High Elves can be a very strong army, but need to be fielded with skill.


Other armies would drool for such a great character. He has high leadership and good weapon skill. However, in a High Elf list, the leadership is not as important. His real deficit is his lack of strength. This can be mitigated by taking a great weapon or lance.

If you are bothering to take an ArchMage, make sure that he is upgraded to be a level 4 wizard, as this makes him that much more powerful. High Elf magic is very versatile. You have killy spells like Flames of the Phoenix, Fury of Kaine, and Curse of Arrow Attraction. Flames of the Phoenix is particularly powerful. You also have a wide array of defensive spells like Shield of Saphery, Courage of Anerion, Vauls Unmaking, and Drain Magic. Shield of Saphery is worth its weight in gold, and Vauls Unmaking has led to the death of many an enemy character.

One of the best mages in the game. He knows all the spells of any lore that you choose, and has a ton of great arcane items.

With loads of attacks and always strike first, Tyrion is a real threat. Just make sure to put him in a fast unit like Silverhelms so that you can manuver him where you need him. The second advantage of Silverhelms is that the unit can be large enough to absorb casualties from shooting.

Alith Anar
Just what you need to protect your unit of Shadow Warriors. Did I mention that he also can hit a snotling at 100 yards?

He is a jack of all trades. For a moderate amount of points you get a mage and a combat oriented character.

A great addition to a unit of White Lions. He makes them Stubborn, which gives them time to hack up their foes.

An inexpensive character? Wonderful! He is a great replacement for a character killing noble. If he is killed in a challenge he deals damage to his opponent. He also gives his unit magic resistance.

Your standard general or battle standard bearer in games of 2000 points or less. If you take a battle standard bearer make sure to take the Battle Banner which can give you a ton of combat resolution.

In 2000 points or less 2 Mages provide a good magic defense, as well as a decent amount of offense.

An offensive mage that is somewhat combat oriented. Just remember to cast the Flaming Sword of Ruin.

With their ability to fight with an extra rank, High Elf Spearmen are a threat to weaker troops like Goblins. Obviously you should take a unit with at least 15 men, so that you have the two extra ranks of attacks.

If you are making a shooty army, then archers will be the core unit of choice. They are accurate and have long range. I take units of 20 and place them on a hill in a formation that is 10 wide. This way they can stand and shoot, strike first, and still get a rank bonus.

Lothern Sea Guard
If you can't decide between Spearmen and Archers, then the Sea Guard are the unit for you. They have the benefit of spears, and also have bows. This being said, they are rather expensive, and you are usually better off with Archers or Spearmen.

Swordmasters of Hoeth
The sheer number of high strength attacks that Swordmasters generate is amazing. I deploy them in units of 7 or 8. Their function is to severly damage the enemy in the first round of combat.

White Lions of Chrace
My primary interest in the White Lions is their ability to move through terrain unhindered. This can shield them from both spells and shooting, as well as put them in a position to flank charge the enemy. A good choice in any mobile elf army.

Phoenix Guard
With their ward save and magic resistance these are the most durable high elf troops. (Remember that in Fantasy, you take ward saves in addition to armor saves.) They are still fairly deadly with their halberdiers. Did I mention that they also cause Fear? This can be particularly important when facing fear causing enemies.

Shadow Warrior
These guys are fantastic in shooty lists. They can march block your opponent's troops. Then you can race behind them and shoot them in the back. I take medium sized units of about 8.

Elyrian Reaver
These are the Elven light cavalry. They are fast, have good leadership, and are good shots with their bows. Just remember to flee and keep them out of combat. I usually take a unit of 5 or 6. Remember that they are still cavalry, so a unit of 5 is unit strength 10.

Dragon Princes of Caledor
These are the heavy cavalry of the Elf army. They still move very quickly and should be able to charge on the second turn. Their weakness is that your opponent will likely misdirect them with a cheap unit. They are also vulnerable to magic and artillery. I usually take them in two units of 5.

These are the standard Elven horsemen. Although they do not have the armor save of the Dragon Princes, they do not cost as many points. Thus you can take larger units, and or more units. They are best used as flankers, or as a screening unit.

Tiranoc Chariot
Although it is quite good, it just does not have the punch of evil chariots. Also, the Elves can hardly throw away a unit to hit the enemy's lines. If you plan on using them, take three of four and blow right through the enemy lines.

Lion Chariot of Chrace
Hits harder than the Tiranoc Chariot, but the same comments apply.

Repeater Bolt Thrower
Essential in any ranged army. It has the ability to handle heavily armored targets like knights that archers just can't cripple. Just remember to take as many as you can and place them far apart from one another.

Great Eagle
The Great Eagle is most useful for march blocking your opponents troops and releasing goblin fanatics. In a pinch he can attack artillery, although the knights are generally better suited for the job.

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