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The Lizardmen are one of the better armies in the game thanks to the power of the Engine of the Gods.



How to use a Slann.
One way to use a Slann is as an offensive magic user. For this task he should be given Focused Rumination so that he can cast more spells. You may also want to consider taking Focus of Mystery, although Plaque of Tepok is almost as good and is much cheaper. In general, the Lore of Fire, is the best offensive lore, although in certain circumstances others are better. In this role you should the Slann in or behind a unit of at least 16 Saurus Warriors. This will help protect him from harm. If he is in the unit he will add to their rank bonus. Magic is only effective if you can overpower your opponent's magic defences. Thus, it is important to take Skink Priests along with the Slann. You should also take the Rod of the Storm to maximize the number of spells you can cast.

The Slann can also be used to defend against magic. He can be given Unfathomable Presence, which will protect his unit. Becalming Cogitation is also very useful to help shut down other casters, although it is far less effective than the old drain magic.

Another way to field a Slann is to give him Higher State of Consciousness and run him on his own. Just be wary of characters with magical weapons.

How to use a Saurus Old Blood

Lord Kroak
Although he costs a whole bunch of points, he is much less expensive than in the previous army book.

Lord Mazda Mundi

Kroq-Gar and Grymloq


How to use a Scar-Veteran.
Many people give Scar-Veterans powers that increase attacks. These include Scimitar of the Sun Resplendent, and the magic spell called The Bear's Anger. They are then sent to kill other characters or war machines.

How to use a Skink Priest

How to use a Skink Chief




Tiktaq'To and Zwup


How to use Saurus Warriors.
I always arm my Saurus Warriors with spears. It makes them particularly deadly if they are charged. I have found that Saurus Warriors are best used in small units of 10 to 12 without full command. They are fielded in two rows of five or six. The advantage of using 12 is that the increased frontage maximizes your attacks against other units that are usually five wide. The advantage of using 10 is that it is less expensive. There are several reasons not to take large units of Saurus Warriors. Firstly, they are very vulnerable to artillery such as rock lobbers and cannons. Secondly, if you use a large unit of say 20 Saurus, most of those models will not be attacking, they simply add to your rank bonus. Your opponent will likely be using less expensive troops. Thus, he can obtain the same rank bonus for less points. The remaining points he can spend on other units, which can be used to flank your unit and deny you your rank bonus. Thirdly, he can also tie up your large expensive unit of Saurus with an inexpensive unit, denying you victory points. If you take smaller units you have a greater chance of charging your opponent, and possibly flanking him and denying him the rank bonus. The one role for a big unit of Saurus is the center of your army. The unit will be hard to defeat in combat, and unlikely to flee. Such a unit should have a champion, standard bearer, and musician. It goes without saying that Saurus Warriors should be marched into battle.

How to use Skinks.
I use skinks in units of 10 with no upgrades. Their primary purpose is to be charged by powerful units and have them pursue in a bad direction. This can effectively take powerful units out of the game, and helps prevent your opponent from hitting you en masse. Their secondary purpose is to march block the enemy, and pepper them with javalins. It would be a truly exceptional circumstance for me to charge with the unit.

I do not take large units with kroxigors. Skinks die all too easily, and tend to lose combat, even with the help of Kroxigors.

How to use Skink Skirmishers.
Skinks Skirmishers play several roles in a Lizardmen army.
Skinks should be fielded in units of 10 to 13. This minimizes your loss if they are overrun or shot up. They should be marched into missile range. The next turn they should shoot. If the enemy is close, back up a little. If they are charged then you should flee. My experience is that some Skink units simply get crushed regardless of your best laid plans. However, other Skink units really cause problems for your opponent. By taking several units some of the Skinks are likely to be placed where they can do some damage.

How to use Jungle Swarms.
Jungle Swarms are usually used to screen Skinks or Salamanders from being charged, because you can shoot over the swarm. However, they have low toughness and that makes them vulnerable to ranged attacks. Most people prefer to have the Skinks flee, or take the charge.

How to use Temple Guard.
Temple Guard are usually used in units of 15 to 20. They are generally placed in the center of your army. They pack a big punch, but are extremely expensive. My experience has been that the cost of the Slann and Temple Guard leaves too few points for other units. They just get swarmed by a mass of opposing troops. I prefer to use small blocks of saurus warriors.

How to use Kroxigors.
Along with Saurus Cavalry, Kroxigors are the heavy hitters of the army. I prefer the cavalry, as they are more cost effective and are faster.

How to use Terradons.
Terradons are usually used to kill war machines, or tie up enemy troops. Being a special choice, you should be able to field at least as many terradon units as your opponent has artillery. Their ability to fly and attack with ranged weapons gives them a chance to hit the war machine on the first turn in the game. They are also great at exploiting your opponent's weak spots. They are usually used in units of three or four.

How to use Chameleon Skinks.
As they are now the only unit in the army book that scouts, Chameleon Skinks are more important than ever. Their special deployment rules make them ideal for killing war machines, and lone characters. The key is setting up the terrain so that they can deploy behind your opponent's main troops. They are usually fielded in a unit of six. When hidden in cover they can be very hard to hit with missile fire.

How to use Saurus Cavalry.
Saurus Cavalry are the hardest hitting Lizardman combat unit. With the exception of the Terradons, they are also the fastest moving unit. They are usually fielded in units of five or six. They are most effective on the flanks. It is also possible to field an entire army of cavalry with Kroq Gar. However, Saurus Cavalry are very expensive. They cost almost as much as Grail Knights, and do not have their hitting power. Further, they do not move quite as quickly as opposing cavalry and thus may be charged by them.

How to use a Stegadon.
Stegadons are usually used to protect your flank, patch holes in your line, or break through the enemy line. They can function in many roles as they have good ranged and close combat attacks. Thus they can form part of your main battle line, charge in from the flank, or counter charge from your rear ranks.

How to use an Ancient Stegadon.
Stegadons are usually used to protect your flank, patch holes in your line, or break through the enemy line. They can function in many roles as they have good ranged and close combat attacks. Thus they can form part of your main battle line, charge in from the flank, or counter charge from your rear ranks.

How to use Salamander Hunting Packs.
Salamander Hunting packs are as close to artillery as the Lizardmen get. They have several advantages over other war machines.
They are usually used in units of three or four. A unit of three will produce 15 hits on average. This is enough to wipe out small flanking units, or cripple blocks of low toughness troops.

How to use Barbed Razordons.

Two general army suggestions.

Saurus Army with Skinks

Saurus Warriors
Tons of Skinks
Several Units of 5 Saurus Cavalry

Stegadon army
Skinks priests with Engines of the Gods
Several units of Skinks
Two Stegadons

The Lizardmen used to be quite powerful. However, the new rules make it quite difficult to win with them.

The Empire is a tough opponent for the Lizardmen. They can take artillery to destroy your main combat troops. They can also field plenty of mounted troops to break you with their charges. Their gunpowder weapons are also a real problem. Take plenty of Skinks to hunt down the war machines, and to shoot at the gunners. Salamanders, Magic, and Terradons are also useful in these regards. Use small units of Saurus Warriors and Saurus Cavalry.

The Dwarves have lots of artillery, and rock solid close combat troops. Expect to face at least four war machines. Chameleon Skinks, Magic, and Terradons are generally used to take out the war machines. The Skinks poison weapons are also very effective at picking troops off from a distance. Salamanders are not useful because of the Dwarves' high toughness and should be left back in Lustria. Expect a drawn out battle with their troops. Kroxigors are great in this regard, as they smash dwarves, and hold up well in long combats. Stegadons tend to get killed by their war machines, but can still be fielded.

The Skaven are one of the toughest opponents for the Lizardmen. Their strategy is to pick you off with ranged fire, and then swarm you with a hoard of troops. Expect to be outnumbered three to one. The ratling guns will make short work of your Skinks, leaving your expensive troops vulnerable to ranged fire. Bring Salamanders, they will help thin out the rat infestation. Also take lots of Skinks. Hope that you can hold on with Saurus Warriors and Kroxigors.

Bretonia can field a mix of ranged fire and hard hitting cavalry. The ranged fire is best eliminated with Skinks. You can also use the Skinks to take the charge, and then counter charge with one of your units. Some of your hand to hand units will likely be charged as well. It is unlikely that even the strongest unit of Saurus Warriors will hold against such a charge. Thus you should take several cheap units of Saurus Warriors and expect that some will be overrun, while others will kill the knights. Use spells from the Lore of Metal.

All of the elven armies are a threat because of their magic and shooting. Salamanders are very effective at killing elves. Take some Skinks and plenty of Saurus Warriors and Cavalry.

Fortunately Vampire Counts do not have ranged attacks. However, they can field tons of troops, and then power them up with magic. One strategy is to use your Slann to cast Steed of Shadows on a powered up Scar Veteran to try to kill the opponents general. You can also use Drain Magic. Large numbers of Skinks are useful, as are Salamanders.

The key to defeating Orcs and Goblins is to break some units and cause mass panic. Kroxigors and Saurus Cavalry do this quite well.

Against Ogre Kingdoms bring a mixture of Skinks, Saurus Warriors, and Saurus Cavalry or Kroxigors.

Tomb Kings armies generally have lots of ranged attacks. However, they do not have good combat troops. Salamanders and Skinks are good at killing the ranged attackers. Try to focus your fire on one unit at a time to prevent your opponent from healing them. Kroxigors or Saurus Cavalry are good choices for close combat.

Beasts of Chaos get into combat fast. Fortunately, Saurus Warriors and Kroxigors are great combat troops. Use small units of Skink to take chariot charges.

Like Vampire Counts, Hoards of Chaos does not have much ranged fire. They are one of the best matchups for Lizardmen, because they do not have very cheap troops. Load up on combat troops, and take a few Skinks to screen.

Slann Mage Priest
Warhammer Lizardmen Slann Mage Priest
Saurus Warriors
Warhammer Lizardmen Saurus Warriors

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