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The Ogre Kingdoms are one of the more difficult armies to field effectively. They lack cavalry and accurate long range firepower. They also do not have a unit that has both hitting power and cheap rank bonuses.



These are the Ogre mages. They are truly amazing, and worth taking in every army. Ogre magic is quite powerful and can turn a game in your favor. Better still they are some of the only mages in the game that can give regular heroes a run for their money.



Ogre Bulls
These are the mainstays of the Ogre army. I take units of 4 or 5.

Ogres with smashy weapons.

These little guys are essential in every Ogre army. They add the rank bonuses the units of Ogres lack. They are also inexpensive and can be used to misdirect enemy troops. I take them in units of 20.

Gnoblar Trappers
Trappers are very useful, as they can infiltrate and threaten enemy flanks and war machines. I usually take units of 12.

With their large number of shots, these can be used to hold a flank. The ability to shoot helps them deal with skirmishers, who would otherwise run circles around them.

These are my favorite special choice. They are reasonably fast, and ignore terrain, allowing them to strike where you need them.

Scrappa Launchers
These are the only artillery in the Ogre army. However, Ogres rely on getting into combat with the enemy quickly, so that they are not shot to bits. If you take a Scrappa Launcher then you run the risk of hitting your own troops with piles of scrap.

These are the heavy hitters of the Ogre army. With the ability to come into play from behind the enemy they are a real threat. They are the favorite rare choice of most Ogre Kingdom armies.

These are ninja ogres! They have higher weapon skill, ballistic skill, strength, initiative, attacks, and leadership than Ogre Bulls. They rip things to shreds and look cool while doing it.

The main reason to take a Giant in an Ogre army is that he causes terror. Other than that, he has few capabilties that regular Ogres do not.

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