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Tomb Kings are one of the most difficult armies to field effectively.



How to use a Tomb King or Tomb Prince
The King or Prince usually accompanies one of the big blocks of troops. Given the overall expense of the characters, and the high cost of troops, the Prince is usually lightly equipped. Popular choices include the Spear of Antharak, and the Shield of Ptra.

How to use a Liche Priest
The Liche Priest is almost always put in a big block of Skeleton Warriors or Horsemen. This helps protect him from cannons. Hieretic Jar is an essential piece of equipment. The Golden Ankhra is also very important. A more daring tactic is to move him around with the Cloak of the Dunes, and pick off enemy units with missile fire.

How to use Skeleton Warriors
I usually do not equip any of my skeleton Warriors with armor, this keeps their points costs down. A fully decked out skelton warrior is only slightly less expensive than the vastly superior Tomb Guard. Another reason to skip the armor is that the increased save is usually negated by my opponent's weapons. The hand to hand units are given spears and shields. The bowmen are taken as is.

Skeleton warriors are usually fielded in units of 25 to 30. This way they have the maximum rank bonus, and may outnumber your opponent, so that they can be broken with fear. Naturally it is worth having a musician and standard bearer. Deploy them on a hill, or at the front lines. Shoot away. When the enemy is close, reform so you get the rank bonus.

How to use Skeleton Horsemen
Mounted Skeletons can move as fast as ordinary troops in other armies. They are usually used to help protect the flank. Skeleton Heavy Horsemen have a good armor save. However, they do not fight as well as Skeleton Spearmen, and do not get as many ranks per unit point cost. Thus, they are usually used to tie up the enemy, hoping that their armor save will keep them around. They are tycially fielded in units of 10 to 12. Skeleton Light Horsemen are the Tomb Kings cheapest troops per unit points cost. They do not benefit from rank bonuses and are thus usually taken in units of 5. They will be defeated by almost any opponent, so I usually do not bother taking any command.

How to use Chariots
Chariots are used very much like heavy cavalry. You can hold them back so that they can counter charge once the rest of your troops are hit.

How to use Tomb Swarms
Tomb Swarms may be used to hunt war machines or to prevent your ranged fire troops from being charged. Because they crumble, they do not function nearly as well as swarms in other armies.

How to use Tomb Guard
Like many troops in the Tomb Kings army, the Tomb Guard are simply more expensive or less powerful than their counterparts in other armies. For example the Tomb Guard do not compare favorably to Saurus Warriors. They are usually fielded in a unit of 20. Because of their special ability they are most useful agaist opponents with multiple wounds.

How to use Ushtabi
If you need to kill some of your opponents troops in hand to hand combat, then the Ushtabi are your best bet. They are usually fielded in units of 3 or 4. Keep a Liche Priest near by to heal them.

How to use Carrion
Carrion are usually fielded in units of 3 or 4. If they are close to enemy units, they will prevent them from marching. They can be sacrificed to delay your opponents powerful units. They can also hunt war machines.

How to use Tomb Scorpions
Along with Ushabti, Tomb Scorpions are one of the few combat units that can really inflict significant casualties. They can be used with It Came from Below to destroy war machines. They can also be used to protect your flanks.

How to use the Screaming Skull Catapult
The Screaming Skull Catapult should be placed on a hill where it can see over your other troops. You should place a unit of Skeletons next to it to help protect it from attackers. Use the Liche Priest to make it fire during the magic phase. This way you will know how far to shoot during the shooting phase. Also I like to take Skulls of the Foe, as this greatly increases the chances of a unit fleeing when it is hit.

How to use the Bone Giant
The Bone Giant is going to be the number one target for all of your opponent's artillery. It helps to field a unit of Carrion to take out the cannons. Use the Liche Priest to speed him into combat, and to heal him. You do not want him wandering into enemy territory all alone, so he should be accompanied by mounted troops.

It is very difficult to win games with Tomb Kings. One strategy is to try to win a war of attrition. Take lots and lots of Skeleton Warriors, as they are your cheapest troops. Also they get a bonus when healed by Djedra's Incantation of Summoning. Whittle your opponent down with arrows while he closes. If you win a combat and outnumber your opponent, then your foes will almost certainly break. Fill out the army with a Screaming Skull Catapult, Ushabti, Tomb Scorpion, and Carrion.

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