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The Vampire Counts are one of the strongest armies in the game.






Vampire Lord



Wight King: bad

These make up the bulk of the troops in many Vampire Counts armies. Skeletons do not cost many points and are not as fragile as Zombies.

Corpse Cart
If you want to make your Skeletons and magic even more powerful then take Corpse Carts.

Dire Wolves
These are used to misdirect the enemy. Take them in units of five or six and do not give them any upgrades.

These are the elite core troops with their multiple attacks and higher strength and toughness. Some armies are composed entirely of Ghouls, taking advantage of the fact that they can rush toward the opponent's battleline before the game begins.

Some units just cost more than they are worth. The Batswarms are one such unit.

Black Knights
The affordable knights. They give a Vampire Counts army extra mobility, hit hard, and are well armored.

Spirit Hosts
These go quite well with Cairn Wraiths. They also add some ranged combat to the list. Very effective if you take them in numbers.

Grave Guard
Elite troops that hit hard and are well armored. When fielded with a vampire they can cut right through most units.

Fell Bats
The Vampire Counts army book is just not very kind to bats. These are not very effective. You could potentially take them to fight enemy war machines.

The rare unit of choice for most generals, and the only bat that is worth playing. He is fast and has plenty of attacks. Note that he does not fly, despite having wings. His ability to regenerate is also really useful. Send him to outflank the enemy.

Blood Knights
Arguably the best unit of knights in the game. However, they are also equally costly. They have a tendency to die to cannons or get misdirected or bogged down by junk units.

Cairn Wraiths
Not only do they look cool, but they are also quite good. They can singlehandedly hold up a flank, as most troops can't touch them.

Black Coach
It looks cool and if you can power it up it can be a real killing machine. However, it invariably dies to cannons or large monsters.

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