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Army Overview
The Chaos Space Marines are an elite army with powerful hand to hand and shooting units. They also have some of the best Psyker powers in the game.

The following is a list of Psycic Powers.
Bolt of Change
An AP 1 ranged attack.

Doom Bolt
An AP 3 ranged attack.

Gift of Chaos
Turns an enemy troop into a Chaos Spawn.

Lash of Submission
One of the strongest powers. It allows you to move some of your opponents models.

Nurgle's Rot
This is the weakest of the powers. It can be useful against large squads of weak troops.

Warp Time
Another very powerful spell. It increases your chances of hitting and wounding.

Wind of Chaos
A flame template attack.

Abaddon the Despoiler
He is very powerful and strong, but moves slowly and costs a whole bunch of points.

Fabius Bile
His main attraction is that he powers up your warriors. He is also very tough to kill thanks to the Feel No Pain rule. Like Abaddon, he is slow and expensive.

Huron Blackheart
One of the best characters in the codex. He has a heavy flamer, power fist, power weapon, and invulnerable save. His only downside is that he is slow.

He has a Daemon weapon that doubles his strength and force weapon.

Kharn the Betrayer
A beast in hand to hand combat.

A Psyker.

Lucius the Eternal
He is one of the better characters because he has an Invulnerable Save and Feel No Pain.

Chaos Lord
One of the most powerful generic HQ in the game.

One of the best Psykers in the game. A threat in hand to hand combat as well.

Aspiring Champion
An inexpensive HQ choice. Only slightly superior to the elite troops.

Aspiring Sorcerer
The sorcerer's apprentice. Every bit as good as the Aspiring Champion, but with a Psyker power.

Space Marine Daemon Prince
He lacks the toughness of a Greater Daemon, but has a good armor save.

Summoned Greater Daemon
A generic Greater Daemon. Plenty of attacks and a good invulnerable save make him a troop killer.

Chosen Chaos Space Marines

The elite of the elite. Very hard to kill, and can deal out tons of damage at range and in close combat. Watch out for power weapons.

Unfortunately, these guys just are not very good.

Very useful. It can carry heavy weapons, and tear up troops in hand to hand combat.

Chaos Space Marine
With their high toughness and low armor save they are very resiliant. They are a jack of all trades as they can shoot, fight in hand to hand combat, and hold objectives.

Khorn Berzerker
As you would expect from Khorn, these guys specialize in hand to hand combat. They hit Space Marines on 3s and have multiple attacks.

Noise Marine
Without any equipment Noise Marines are the least expensive of the special marines. Their Sonic weapons can put out lots of firepower. They also have good initiative if they are assaulted.

Plague Marine
By far the best of the special marines. They are really tough and just don't drop.

Thousand Suns Marine
Very shooty, with AP 3 bolters. Great for dropping regular marines. Somewhat tough thanks to their invulnerable save.

Summoned Lesser Daemon
Stats that are similar to a Bloodletter.

Fast Attack
Chaos Biker
Fast, shooty, and decent in hand to hand combat. What more could you as for? Tougher than a regular Marine, which is particularly useful against Imperial Guard.

Chaos Marines with Jetpacks. Awesome. Take as many as you can.

Chaos Spawn
Like Possessed, these just arn't up to par.

Heavy Support
There are better options.

Very elite, with a Terminator save and multiple wounds. However, also very expensive. There are better options.

A poor man's Land Raider. Great front armor and plenty of weapons.


Land Raider
The king of tanks. Too expensive to be practical.

The heavy support Dreadnaught.

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