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Army Overview
Daemon Hunters are an elite army specializing in hand to hand combat. They are given shooting support from Inquisitorial Storm Troopers.

There are two types of Daemon Hunter armies: Puritanical and Radical. Radical armies include Daemonhosts and may not take Grey Knights. Puritanical armies may not inlcude Daemonhosts and may take Grey Knights.

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Lord
He is the only HQ choice if you field a radical army. If you want to outfit him for shooting consider a Psycannon or Combiweapon, and Auspex. For hand to hand combat use a Daemonhammer, Forceweapon, or Lightning Claws.

Grey Knight Grand Master
These guys rock, but are very expensive.

Grey Knight Brother Chaplain
If you are short on points consider taking the Chaplain instead of the Grand Master.

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Champion

Grey Knight Terminators
A squad of Terminators with force weapons. Deadly at range and in close combat. Their only drawback is their points cost.

These are close combat characters. At the start of each turn they roll on a table to determine which special power they gain for that turn. Some of the powers are very good, such as giving them more movement, while others are not so good. This makes Daemonhosts very unpredictable.

To field assassins you need to take an Inquisitor.
Callidus Assassin
Great for killing enemy HQ.

Eversor Assassin
Goot at killing troops or tanks.

Callexus Assassin
An anti-psyker charater.

Vindicare Assassin
The Sniper

Death Cult Assassin
An inexpensive assassin to kill troops.

Grey Knight Daemon Hunter Space Marines
Justicar upgrade gives them Melta Bombs.

Inquisitorial Storm Troopers
Cheaper than Grey Knights. Deadly in large numbers.

The basic troop transport. It shields troops from fire until they are in position to do some damage. The Rhino is also useful for holding objectives.

A troop transport with a heavy flamer. It also has fire points so that your troops can shoot without disembarking. Take at least one, they are awesome.

Land Raider
The heavy assault troop transport. It has very good armor all around. It can also be armed with loads of offensive weapons. Its main drawback is its points cost.

Fast Attack
Teleporting Grey Knight Terminators
Although they cost a whole bunch of points, there is alot to be said for getting a powerful squad into the right place. You can potentially teleport them behind your enemies lines and screw up his battle plan. However, teleporting is a risky business, and I consider taking a teleporting squad to be a gambit.

Heavy Support
Grey Knight Purgation Squad
Similar to a Space Marine Devastator Squad, but with slightly less powerful weapons.

Orbital Strike
There are three types of Orbital Strikes: Barrage, Lance, and Melta Torpedo.

Land Raider Crusader


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