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Army Overview
The Orks are the army to beat in 5th edition. You can field tons of them because they are very cheap and can come in large squads. They are rather tough, which makes it hard to kill them. Further, large mobs are fearless and so they can't be pinned. When they reach close combat they butcher opponents, as they have multiple attacks and can carry two hand weapons.

Gazghkull Thraka
Although he is very tough and tears opponents to shreds in hand to hand combat, Gazghkull is simply not worth the number of points that he costs.

Mad Dok Grotsnik

Old Zogwork



Deadly in close combat and quite inexpensive. They should always be given a power claw. They can be mounted on a bike to make them more mobile, or given Mega Armor to help them survive. One of the best Ork HQ.

Big Mek
The Big Mek with Kustom Force Field is arguably the best HQ in the Ork army. It allows all Ork units including vehicles that are within range to receive a cover save. When you are fielding so many troops it is virtually impossible for your opponent to kill them all before they hit his lines.
Big Meks can also take Shok Attack Guns. These are not reliable weapons, but function spectacularly well when they work.

They can be quite deadly when the dice gods are rolling their way.


Burna Boys
These are one of the best units in the Ork army. They infiltrate which allows them to flank the enemy. Their flamers prevent your opponents from taking cover saves. They are very good at killing massed infantry, which helps gives the Orks overwhelming numerical superiority. To top things off, when they charge into hand to hand combat, they all count as having power weapons. Most people take squads of about 10.

Another great unit. Their ability to infiltrate allows them to tie up key enemy units until the wave of Orks hits. They are most effective in units of 10 to 14.

These are the boys with da big gunz. They have a good range and high strength. If you are lucky they can putout a whole lot of firepower. This more than makes up for the fact that they are not very good shots. They can kill medium armored vehicles from the sheer number of hits.

On paper these guys look like the bomb. They are as well armored as Terminators, and have more wounds than Nobs. In reality they are usually overkill. They are shielded from small arms fire by the horde of Orks, and can be killed by a power fist just as easily as a regular Nob.

These make mobs of Ork boys just that much more deadly. They are usually armed with a power claw and boss pole.

Tank Bustas
Their name says it all. Given the fact that there is already enough stuff in the Ork army to deal with armor, I do not recommend this unit.

Ork Boys
These are the reason why the Orks will conquer the universe. There are scads of them and they are reasonably tough to kill. They have multiple attacks and can carry two close combat weapons. Take them in large units of 25 or more. Always take a Nob with a power klaw and boss pole.
I am not a fan of Shoota Boyz.

They sure are cheap. Although they arn't much good in hand to hand combat, 20 Gretchin shooting at you can still be quite deadly. They can also be used as a screen in front of Orks. Units of 19 seem to work best, as this minimizes the number of Herders that you need to field.

These Orks keep those sneaky Gretchin in line. You want to take as many Gretchin per Runtherd as possible.

Fast Attack
These are great units. They can move in fast and tie up your opponents shooty units while the rest of your mob closes in. They have a high toughness and good armor save which helps them survive combat. If they have nothing else to do, they can hunt lightly armored vehicles.

Like DethKoptas, Stormboys can be used to tie up your opponents troops. However, they are not as tough, and have a tendency to get shot to bits. Most people tend to prefer taking a squad of Ork Boyz in a Trukk.

War Bikers
Although they are tougher than a regular Ork, and much faster, War Bikers are still very vulnerable to being shot. Worse yet, the increased points cost as compared to a Ork Boy, prevents you from fielding them in sufficient numbers to overhelm your opponent.

These have traditionally been equiped with Rokkits and used to hunt vehicles.


WarTrak Skorcha
Although they can be spectacular when they flame the enemy, Skorchas are almost always blown up, long before they are in range.

Heavy Support
Gun Battery
There are three types of Ork artillery: Lobbas, Zappas, and Kannons. Lobbas are good at killing massed infantry such as Imperial Guard and Tyranids. Zappas are designed to kill armored troops such as Space Marines. Kannons are used to take out enemy vehicles.

Battle Wagon
These complement an Ork list very nicely. The Boomgun can take out large numbers of enemy troops at long range. Thus your Boys will have fewer troops shooting at them, and will outnumber your foe by an even greater number.

Looted Wagon

Killa Kan
What could be better than an inexpensive dreadnaught? Not much. Run in and tear things up. Just make sure that you don't spend too many points on upgrades.

Deff Dread
Although it is much deadlier than the Killa Kan, the Deff Dread is much more expensive. It is usually better to get several Killa Kans than one Deff Dread.


Ard Boys
These are basically Ork Boyz with better armor. They are most useful for fighting heavily armored troops.

Flash Gitz

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