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Army Overview
As you might expect, the Witch Hunters specialize in burning their opponents. They have special squads with multiple flamers or heavy flamers. The opponents who survive the roasting are usually assaulted in hand to hand combat. The Sisters have the Holy Rage power which is a weaker version of Fleet Their Faith Points also provide them with invulnerable saves or fearlessness. Purity Seals.

You really don't have much choice here. However, this is not a problem, as the Canoness can be customized for shooting or hand to hand combat. In either form she is quite formidable.

Master of the Forge

He is a close combat specialist. You need to take him if you want to use Arco Flagelents.


Arco Flagelent
Fast close combat troops.

Sisters Repentia
Close combat tank killers.

Sisters with higher weapon skill and auto wounding weapons.

Battle Sisters
They are like a cross between a Space Marine and a Guardsman. They have good ballistic skill and armor save, average leadership, but with the other stats of a guardsman.

Inquisitorial Storm Troopers
Cheaper than Battle Sisters, but with a lower armor save. A great troop choice.

Fast Attack
Sisters with jump packs. Can take melta bombs or inferno pistols to kill tanks. The pistols can also be used to kill Terminators and the like.

Dominion Squad
A squad of Sisters with 4 flamers, or meltas.

Heavy Support
A squad of Sisters with 4 heavy flamers, heavy bolters, or multi meltas.

A transport like the Chimera with heavy flamer or multi melta.

Lots of low AP shots. Good for taking down other tanks.

Penetent Engine
A dreadnaught with 2 close combat weapons and flamers.

Orbital Strike

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