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The Warrior Beasts were 5.5 inch action figures made by Remco in the 1980s. They were made to cash in on the huge popularity of Mattel's Masters of the Universe line. The cards even touted their compatibility with MOTU toys. They had mostly the same sculpts as Remco's Lost World of the Warlord line, with monster heads. (Remco also used the scuplt for Pirates of the Galaxseas and A.W.A. wrestling).
  • Craven
  • Gecko
  • Guana
  • Hydraz
  • Ramar
  • Skullman
  • Snakeman
  • Stegos
  • Wolf Warrior
  • Zardus

These toys are also very similar to Sewco's Galaxy Fighters and Sungold's Galaxy Warriors (not Woolworth's Galaxy Warriors).

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