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Maschinen krieger or Ma.K for short is a series created by Kow Yokoya in the 1980s. Since then various model kits and toys have been produced. A large number were made around 2003. Some of these were by Kubrick. Other trading figures were made by Yellow Submarine and Loppi.

Incomplete checklist
  • A.F.S
  • Firebal SG
  • Racoon
  • Raptor
  • S.A.F.S
  • Snake eye
  • Dragons Heaven
  • Fledermaus
  • Gladiator Resin Model H.A.F.S
  • SF3D Tiger Tank Version 1
  • SF3D Tiger Tank Version 1
  • Construction Suits
  • Screaming SAFS (in haloween suits)
  • Winter SAFS
  • Working SAFS set ot 6

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