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These toys were made by Mattel in 1983. They are one of the underappreciated toys and cartoons of the early 80s. Building on concepts from the Micronauts line, these toys feature interchangable parts so that you could build your own custom vehicle. They are one of the last series to feature heros that wear neck ties.

Special thanks to Patrick Jackson for supplying us with the great info.

Man and machine team up for victory!

Lightning League Leader; Commands with a mighty fist!

Monster Minds who mess with Armed Force will find themselves in a tight squeeze! Armed Force reaches out for enemy vehicles, taking matters into his own hands! So look out! The long arm of the Lightning League reaches out to stop the Monster Minds!

Equipment: Crusher Claw, Mind Messer, 3-barrel Blaster, Mega-rocket & "Swing-out Shooter" Gun

Wheels: Slats, Speed-Sticks, Spirals

Lightning League Escape Artist; Drilling his way through danger!

He's built for strength and speed! Drill Sergeant uses his Super Drill to rip through any obstacle, then revs up his V-8 Engine for super-fast escapes! Or he can use his Smoke Screener to slip away quick and quiet! The Monster Minds machines better not try to hold Drill Sergeant back, 'cause he'll burn 'em bad!

Equipment: Super Drill, Range Rocket, V-8 Engine, "Rotator" Gun & Smoke Screener

Wheels: Spirals, Lightning-Runners, Street-Beaters

Lightning League Weapons X-pert; Surprises the enemy with hidden firepower!

Quick Draw may look unarmed, but watch that shield! When it opens up, the Monster Minds brains will be looking down the barrel of a supergun! As the Lightning League Weapons X-pert, Quick Draw is a fearsome fighter on the battlefield. Monster Minds may think Quick Draw is an easy target, but they've got another blast comin'!

Equipment: Secret Gun-Shield, Mega-missile, 2-Wheel Adapters, Catapult, & Lightning Gun.

Wheels: Crunchers, Lightning-Runners, Street-Beaters

Lightning League Scout; Grinding spikes clear the battlefield!

Watch out for Spike Trike, 'cause he's movin' out to clear the way for the Lightning League team! After his Spike Roller grinds up the ground ahead, Spike Trike switches his roller with his other wheels for super traction! Spike Trike spies on the Monster Minds machines & scouts out their locations. Equipped with his Rocket Treads & Speed Skis, Spike Trike is a true terrain X-pert! Monster Minds just can't hide from Spike Trike!

Equipment: Spike Roller, "Elevator" Gun, Smoke Screener, Weapons X-tender, & Speed Skis

Wheels: Rocket-Treads, Slats, Speed-Sticks

Lightning League Combat Stalker

Equipment: Battle Viewer, Trail Scanner

Guns: Double Muscle Gun, Flame Zapper, League Laser, Head-mounted Cannons

Other Weapons: Power Puncher

Mobile H.Q.
Mobile H.Q.

Evil, brain-driven machines are out of control!

Monster Minds Enforcer; Armed to the teeth and dangerous!

If the Lightning League members thought the other Monster Minds were rotten, wait till they meet Gun Grinner! With his spinning, 4-headed Ambusher, Gun Grinner thrashes captured Lightning League vehicles.and enjoys it! Saw Boss, the Monster Minds leader, knows Gun Grinner is a marvelously mean machine...but can he be trusted? Would YOU trust that sinister sneer?

Equipment: Ambusher, Monster Missile, "Lifter" Gun, 2-wheel adapters & Jet Blaster

Wheels: Hypnotizers, Road Biters, Street Beaters

Monster Minds Demolitions X-pert; Wrecking Ball with the Knock-Out punch!

Cruisin' for a bruisin' and programmed to destroy! K.O. Kruiser wrecks any enemies that get in his way! When he comes up against something that resists wrecking, he just bashes away with his Hammerball until he can move ahead! K.O. Kruiser may not be the brightest brain on the block, but he's sure the brawniest!

Equipment: Hammerball, League Seeker, "Rotator" Gun, "Hangman" Gun & Auto-Blaster

Wheels: Gizmo-Grinders, Slats, Road-Biters

Monster Minds Tyrant; Sinister saw with a "mind" of its own!

To become head of the Monster Minds group, you've got to get rid of the old leader.and that's just what Saw Boss did! His beastly blade attacks all who challenge him, but will he always be the top brain? Saw Boss trusts no one, but he needs help to conquer the Lightning League team! Will Saw Boss be able to defeat the humans, or will he be "displaced" by one of his own?

Equipment: Buzz-Saw, Super-scanner, Monster Rocket, Triple Gun & Gas Gun

Wheels: Road-Biters, Lightning-Chasers, Terror Treads

Monster Minds Cannibal; Wild for the taste of wheels!

This machine is hungry, and he's out to make the Lightning League his lunch! Terror Tank shoots & disables a vehicle, then licks his fearsome fangs and rolls in to "chew" it up! Motors are his munchies, and tires are his treat! The Lightning League better watch out-or at least bring along some spares!

Equipment: Sinister Snapper, Spike Launcher, Blitz Gun, Weapons X-tender & Mecha-Hook

Wheels: Crunchers, Slats, Terror Treads

Monster Minds Combat Creature

Equipment: Brain Chamber, League Tracker, Monster Monitor

Guns: Beast Bazooka, Beast Laser, Dual Shooter, Flare Terror Gun

Other Weapons: Creature Claw

Monster Minds Attack Pack


Saw Boss 1
Saw Boss 1
Saw Boss 2
Saw Boss 2
K.O. Kruiser
K.O. Kruiser
K.O. Kruiser Box
K.O. Kruiser Box
Monster Minds Attack Pack
Monster Minds Attack Pack
Monster Minds Attack Pack
Monster Minds Attack Pack
Monster Minds Attack Pack
Monster Minds Attack Pack
Monster Minds Attack Pack

Original Artwork

Original Box Artwork
18" X 18" in pencil and gouache paint with a transparent plastic overlay.

Unproduced vehicle "Disk Hurler"
12" X 8" in pencil and gouache paint.

Unproduced vehicle "Flipper"
12" X 8" in pencil and gouache paint.

Sketches of characters
18" X 12" in ink.

Jayce and MonsterMind
18" X 18" in pencil and gouache paint with a transparent plastic overlay.

Armed Force
12" X 8" in ink with a transparent paper overlay.

Original Drawings of Accessories
24" X 18" in ink.

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