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These toys were made by Hasbro from 2003 through the present. Series two figures are available in two packaging styles. The first style is like the first series cards in that it features a box on the back of the card. The second style packs all of the items on the front of the card.

Series 1

Alpha Ranger

Alpha Ranger Back of Card

Razor Claw

Razor Claw Back of Card

Skull Jack

Skull Jack Back of Card

Sledge Trooper

Inferno Fury

Inferno Fury Back of Card

Sledge Trooper

Sledge Trooper Back of Card

Shadow Blade vs Bone Cutter

Shadow Blade vs Bone Cutter Back of Box

Grim Skull Unnatural (TRU Exclusive)

Omega Guard Neo Sapien (TRU Exclusive)

Series 2

Shield Breaker

Shock Bezerker

Shock Bezerker Back of Card

Dune Stinger

Dune Stinger Back of Card

Quick Slinger

Quick Slinger Back of Card

Shield Breaker

Shield Breaker Back of Card

Tomb Wraith

Tomb Wraith Back of Card

Crypt Curse

Sky Grinder

Sky Grinder Back of Card

Crypt Curse

Crypt Curse Back of Card

Firedrake Reptosaur

Franken'punker Unnatural

Hyper Guardian Neo Sapien

Infil-Traitor Bio Mecha

Shadow Blade Neo Sapien

Storm Wing Meta Beast

Thunder Shaman Meta Beast

Trans Scorcher Bio Mecha

Moon Stalker Metabeast vs Hemo Goblin unnatural

Cyro Katana HyperFury vs Preda Crawler Bio Mecha

Battle Attack Transporter

Battle Attack Transporter with Iron Spectre unnatural

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