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Yamato Star Blazers Archive

Ban Dai produced a range of models based on Yamato Star Blazers.

Incomplete Checklist
  • Space Cruiser Yamato (Argo) 1/1000 scale
  • Space Cruiser Yamato (Argo) 1/700 scale
  • Space Cruiser Yamato (Argo) 1/500 scale
  • Space Battleship Yamato Mechanic File
  • Comet Empire Battleship
  • Comet Empire Gorand Comand Ship
  • Cosmo Tiger Fighter
  • Cosmo Zero Fighter
  • Neo Cosmo Fighter
  • Desslok Battleship
  • Desslok Command Cruiser
  • E.D.F. Battleship Andromeda
  • EX 33 Black Tiger (Large)
  • Gamelon Battle Cruiser
  • Gamelon Command Ship

They also made a Battleship Yamato in their Soul of Chogokin series. It is number BPX 01.

Ban Dai Also produced a set of five gashapon trading figures.

There is a 1/6 scale resin statue of Yuki Mori in removable yellow bikini.

Taiyo made a pre built 1/665 scale Battleship Yamato from abs plastic and pvc.

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