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Youngblood Archive

Youngblood was created by Rob Liefeld and was one of the early Image comics. Thus it is not surprising that it was McFarlane toys that produced figures for the series. They were released in early 1995. That same year, Placo toys produced a set of 2" PVC figures.

6" Figures
  • Crypt
  • Die Hard
  • Dutch
  • Sentinel
  • Shaft
  • Troll

2" PVCs
  • Badrock
  • Brahma and Riptide
  • Chapel and Vogue
  • Combat and Psi-Fire
  • Die Hard and Link
  • Photon and Shaft
  • Sentinel and Cougar
  • Badrock Repaint
  • Brahma and Riptide Repaint
  • Chapel and Vogue Repaint
  • Combat and Psi-Fire Repaint
  • Die Hard and Link Repaint
  • Photon and Shaft Repaint
  • Sentinel and Cougar Repaint

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