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Soon after the original Zelda was released for the Famicom and NES, Nintendo released Zelda trophies. These were more like pvc figures than sports trophies. They had space for your top score.

With the release of Zelda II The Adventures of Link, Nintendo released a Gashapon pvc figure.

In 2001 Toy Biz produced figures for the Occarina of Time game.
  • Impa with Princess
  • Link with Horse
  • Ganondorf and Horse
  • Link (in dark package)
  • Princess (in dark package)
  • Ganondorf (in dark package)
  • Three pack

In 2001 Epoch released four Majora's Mask figures.
  • Link
  • Link and Epona
  • Link and Epona prototype version
  • Goron Link
  • Zora Link

Joyride studios produced several Nintendo Power figures.
  • Link
  • Link and Epona

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