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In their conquest of the new world the Spanish colonized a small community on the west coast of what was then part of Mexico. They named the town Los Angeles. In the late 1700’s it was home to Don Diego de la Vega, the son of a wealthy land owner. When he was of age he left Mexico and went to Spain to study. Upon his return he discovered that the people were being exploited by Capitan Monastario. After seeing what Monastario had done to the local people, Diego vowed to stop him. Knowing that he can not defeat him by brute force alone he resorted to subterfuge. He assumed the identity of Zorro (which means fox in Spanish) a mysterious masked man dressed in black. Appearing from nowhere he would swoop down and defeat Monastario’s troops with a slash from his sword. He would then just as quickly escape on his horse Tornado. Will Zorro succeed in freeing the people from the tyranny of the evil Monastario and his troops?

Zorro, Amigo, and Captain Ramon



Sergeant Gonzales

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These toys were made by Gabriel in 1982. They were the official toys for Filmation's New Adventures of Zorro cartoon.

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